We are excited to announce that the Global Woman Conference will be held at the Landmark Hotel in London on 20th January and we would like to invite you to apply to attend as a media representative.
The Global Woman Conference in partnership with Inspirational Awards is an annual event that brings together celebrities, media, business people and women entrepreneurs from around the world to celebrate their success and achievements. 
Our Goal is to share a powerful content that all the delegates can take away to implement as great strategies for a huge success in 2023. 
The conference will feature panel sessions and themes on business, investment, media, health and entrepreneurship. This event will also provide valuable networking opportunities for attendees.
We believe that having media and influencers representation at the conference is crucial in order to share the important messages and discussions with a wider audience. As such, we are offering a limited number of media passes to qualified influencers, bloggers and journalists.
This is a very special offer for people who want to take this opportunity and receive in one package a big gift to start the New Year full of excitement and ready to succeed.
Special Invitation for Media & Influencers
To apply for a media pass, please submit the following information:
Enter Your Name
Enter Your Emailid
Enter Your Phone Number
A brief description of your media outlet and your role within it
A list of your previous coverage related to Global Woman Conference
A description of how you plan to cover the conference, including any specific angles or stories you are interested in pursuing
Any relevant links to your work (e.g. articles, videos, social media accounts)
We will review all applications and let you know in advance
We look forward to receiving your application and potentially having you 
This year has been such an incredible journey for Global Woman Club. We have walked with thousands of women around the world and have created a global community where we do not feel alone anymore. So when we have an idea or when we want to take the initiative and bring positive change by doing things differently, we don’t feel scared, and we don’t stop or procrastinate anymore.

We start with a burning desire, grow our faith and motivation and don’t hesitate to take action. Because we belong to a big community that goes beyond us, a place where we all feel inspired and build the confidence to get out of our comfort zone.

If you already are a member of Global Woman Club, you know what I am talking about.
This is an invitation all women who have heard about Global Woman movement and could not join us in 2019. This I an invitation for all of you who want to get out of your comfort zone and join our club to make 2020 your biggest greatest year ever.
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